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Re: python-crypto 2.0.1+dfsg1 vs. 2.1 ?? PART-2

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 21:05:19 -0400

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Hi Adam,

Glad to hear you've resolved the issue. To be clear, you were trying to
install StarCluster on an Amazon instance launched with the
AMI-0af31963, correct? Just for drill, did you try simply running "sudo
easy_install StarCluster"? In general this *should* pull in all
dependencies including pycrypto (a dependency of paramiko) from PYPI and
compile/install the necessary modules. Of course, your approach of
apt-get'ing or compiling/installing libraries by hand will work,
however, easy_install or pip make it a much easier process most of the time.

With that said, I just tried a fresh install in an empty virtual
environment of StarCluster from PYPI using easy_install and it's failing
because of a bug in the new pycrypto-2.4 package that was released a few
days ago. I'm going to temporarily add pycrypto==2.3 to StarCluster's to prevent issues for users in the next 0.92.1 release which
should be out soon. Note that StarCluster is more than likely compatible
with pycrypto-2.4 once it's installed (I haven't tested it yet...),
however, the errors when installing pycrypto-2.4 from easy install/PYPI
is a show stopper for now. Anyway thanks for reporting pycrypto related
issues which brought all this up.

One last tip, in general you can use easy_install to install a specific
version of pycrypto or any package on PYPI:

$ easy_install pycrypto==2.3

Just to be clear


On 10/25/11 8:30 AM, Adam Marsh wrote:
> Just to follow-up on my mssg from last night about pycrypto versions
and an SC installation halt. I have resolved the glitch this morning by
directly downloading, building, and installing 'pycrypto-2.4' instead of
using apt-get. The SC installation then executed with no error returns.
For some reason I was thinking that SC needed pycrypto v2.1 . . . . but
in the light of day . . . .
> But on the plus side I did come across your github forum site in trying
to figure out what was going on. Very good resource.
> Thanks,
> <Adam
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> Adam G. Marsh, Ph.D.
> Associate Professor
> Marine Biological Sciences
> University of Delaware
> 302.645.4367
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