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Re: NFS Mount from "External" Machine to Cluster

From: Vasisht Reddy T. <no email>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 10:53:16 -0400

Hi Devin,

Does this NFS volume need to be simultaneously mounted on non-cluster instances at the same time that the cluster is running? If that’s not needed, then you can just use an EBS volume within the same AZ that can be auto mounted using the ‘VOLUMES’ tag in the config file.

VOLUMES = mynfsvolume

[volume mynfsvolume]
volume_id = vol-xxxxxx
mount_path = /mnt/nfs_dir


If it’s an already mounted volume, that will be have to exported by writing a separate plugin that runs on node addition. AWS is introducing an Elastic File System (EFS) which can mounted via NFS that might work for your case.


On Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 5:20 PM, Devin Boyer wrote:

> Hi everyone!
> I've just recently started playing with Star Cluster as we look to move/upgrade our current Grid Engine cluster to AWS. One sticking point I've run into is that in our current design, we'd like to have a directory on a system outside the cluster (but within the same VPC and potentially availability zone) that holds all of the data we will be processing on the cluster. I found some tools to add new NFS points from the master to the other nodes within the cluster, but does anyone have experience mounting an external NFS endpoint inside a cluster? Then from there that mount point could be "re-shared" to all the nodes?
> Basically something like this:
> +--------------------+ +----------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------+
> | /my_nfs_dir | | /my_nfs_dir NFS mounted | | /my_nfs_dir NFS mounted |
> | on | -----------> | at /mnt/nfs_dir on "master" | ---------> | at /mnt/nfs_dir on "node001" |
> | EC2 instance | +----------------------------------------+ | (or other nodes) |
> +--------------------+ +-------------------------------------------+
> (hopefully my diagram makes sense!)
> Thanks for any information you might be able to provide!
> -Devin Boyer
> Meteorological Engineer, WSI Inc.
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