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NFS Mount from "External" Machine to Cluster

From: Devin Boyer <no email>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2015 17:20:39 -0400

Hi everyone!

I've just recently started playing with Star Cluster as we look to
move/upgrade our current Grid Engine cluster to AWS. One sticking point
I've run into is that in our current design, we'd like to have a directory
on a system outside the cluster (but within the same VPC and potentially
availability zone) that holds all of the data we will be processing on the
cluster. I found some tools to add new NFS points from the master to the
other nodes within the cluster, but does anyone have experience mounting an
external NFS endpoint inside a cluster? Then from there that mount point
could be "re-shared" to all the nodes?

Basically something like this:

| /my_nfs_dir | | /my_nfs_dir NFS mounted | |
/my_nfs_dir NFS mounted |
| on | -----------> | at /mnt/nfs_dir on "master" | --------->
| at /mnt/nfs_dir on "node001" |
| EC2 instance | +----------------------------------------+
         | (or other nodes) |

(hopefully my diagram makes sense!)

Thanks for any information you might be able to provide!

-Devin Boyer
Meteorological Engineer, WSI Inc.
Received on Wed Apr 22 2015 - 17:20:42 EDT
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