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EBS volumes and copy file error

From: Xu, Guorong <no email>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 18:22:18 -0000

Hi Starcluster developers,

I am a new user of the Starcluster. And I found your software is very useful and it is amazing!

By reading your manual and I created a SGE cluster with 4 nodes on Amazon cloud successfully. However, I met some problems when I tried to access my data on EBS volumes from master node.
I can see my attached volume on master node, but I cannot see the data on that volume. From the command "df -h", I found the size of that volume is less than original size.
That means my data should be on that volume. When I tried to configure that volume in the file ".starcluster/config", then I start my cluster. I got the error message that the volume id cannot be found.
I am sure the volume id is correct, but I don't know why starCluster cannot find it.

Then I tried to use the command "starcluster put" to copy my data from EBS volume to master node. But it reported an internet connection error during the file transferring (80~90%).
Do you have any idea about these issues?

Your response would be greatly appreciated!

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