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Mounting an external NFS server on a starcluster

From: Sylvain Foisy Ph. D. <no email>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 11:39:58 -0400


I am working on analyzing a massive dataset that I have on an AWS instance. This machine is accessible by users using an Elastic IP address mapped to a FQID for their convenience. But of course (:-)), they need more power!

I have used Starcluster as a standalone cluster creation tool with put and get but this time, I would need to access the data on my primary server at boot time. Is there a suggested path to do so? I planned on modifing the Starcluster AMI to mount this server at booth time on all servers, as long as the mount point is not present on them and that the user list is compatible for permissions. Would I also need to modify the security groups to allow NFS traffic?

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