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Re: static IP solution in starcluster?

From: Charles Cadieu <no email>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2012 18:01:26 -0400

Here's a plugin solution:


from starcluster.clustersetup import ClusterSetup
from starcluster.logger import log

class ElasticIPSetup(ClusterSetup):

    def __init__(self,elasticip):
        self.elasticip = elasticip
        log.debug('elasticip = %s' % elasticip)

    def run(self, nodes, master, user, user_shell, volumes):


# Config usage:

#[plugin staticip]

#setup_class = elasticip.ElasticIPSetup

#elasticip = 50.123.456.789


Thanks to Dan Yamins for input.

On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 4:46 PM, Charles Cadieu <> wrote:

> Hey,
> I was wondering if anyone has a simple solution to the non-static public
> IP address for the master node. Using the sshmaster command is fine, but
> having an alias or static IP would make it easy for other programs to find
> the cluster without having to manually enter the public IP every time it
> changes.
> This could be something simple, like automatically updating my local
> /etc/hosts with the correct alias between the cluster's name and the
> dynamic public IP.
> Or a plugin to automatically assign an Elastic IP address to the master
> node:
> Let me know if anyone has a solution to this problem.
> Thanks!
> Charles
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