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Tagging all resources used by a starcluster (to allow charge-back support)

From: Rayson Ho <no email>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 03:59:26 -0400

Just announced by Amazon today... Cost Allocation Report entries can
be grouped by the tags attached to the resources (EBS, instances,
bandwidth - pretty much all we use in StarCluster):

It is really useful to tag a cluster, such that charge back (or even
just show back) would work. For example, different departments within
a company can share one company-wide AWS account, and still be able to
find out the resource usage of each department. Even for non-shared
AWS accounts, we can tag clusters by projects, and thus we can see how
much resource each project consumes.

If no one is already working on this (or no one is interested in doing
it now), then I think I will give it a try (currently I'm real busy,
so may be beginning of Sept the earliest). BTW, I am no longer
actively working on VPC support ( ), since Justin &
locojay are already working on the final stages.


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