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Re: Little question

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 18:49:41 -0400

Hi Sergio,

IIRC you can only create EBS AMIs from the console if you're using an
EBS-backed instance. In this case the only difference is that the
'ebsimage' command performs some standard clean-up on the instance
before creating the image using the 'create image' AWS API call. Other
than that nothing is different.

However, the 'ebsimage' command does allow you to create new EBS AMIs
from instance-store (ie S3-stored) instances meaning it will perform
cleanup, create a new volume, attach it, rsync the filesystem to the
newly created/attached volume, snapshot the volume and then register an
image from the new snapshot using the kernel and ramdisk from the host
instance (phew). AFAIK this is not possible from the AWS console...

So in short it's sort of a swiss-army knife command for creating EBS
images regardless of what's backing the instance.



On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 02:12:19PM -0300, Sergio Mafra wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> We will need to have a AMI customized for our particular needs. Reading
> the StarCluster docs a doubt arises...What is the difference of preparing
> a customized AMI using command "starcluster ebsimage i-999999 mynewAMI" or
> create image from AWS Console?
> All the best,
> Sergio

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