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StarCluster 0.93.2 Released!

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2012 15:49:32 -0500

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Hi All,

StarCluster 0.93.2 has officially been released and is available for
download from the usual places:

The change log has been pasted to the end of this email for
convenience. The complete change log is available here:

You can find the official docs for 0.93.2 here:

Please upgrade ASAP, test the new 0.93.2 release, and submit any bug
reports preferably to StarCluster's github issue tracker[1] or to the
mailing list.

Thanks to everyone for testing and reporting issues!


- ----
Version 0.93.2 of StarCluster fixes several bugs and adds a few new
features. See the "Bug Fixes" section below for details.

* Amazon recently announced a new instance type m1.medium which is now
supported. Amazon also enabled the m1.small and c1.medium instance
types to be compatible with both 32bit *and* 64bit AMIs now.
StarCluster now supports the new m1.medium instance type as well as
the new changes to m1.small and c1.medium.
* Switched from paramiko to actively maintained fork called "ssh" (1.7.13)
* loadbalancer: --kill-master option renamed to --kill-cluster
* Bumped boto dep to 2.2.2
* Bumped jinja dep to 2.6

- --------
* SGE setup code has been moved to a plugin that is executed by
default (**no configuration changes required**). This plugin supports
an optional setting master_is_exec_host which controls whether or not
the master node executes jobs. This is set to True by default. To
change this you will need to set disable_queue=True in your cluster
config and then manually define and add the SGE plugin in order to
configure the new plugin's settings. See the SGE plugin page for more
* Added the following new options to addnode command: --image-id,
- --instance-type, --availability-zone, --bid. Thanks to Dan Yamins for
his contributions. (issue 76)
* New CreateUsers plugin that creates multiple cluster users and
configures passwordless SSH. Either number of users or a list of
usernames can be specified. Also has options to tar and download all
SSH keys for generated users. See the users plugin page for more details.
* Added -X option to sshmaster and sshnode commands for forwarding
X11. Can be used both when logging in interactively and when executing
remote commands.

Bug Fixes
- ---------
* catch "Garbage packet received" exception and warn users about
incompatible AMI
* createvolume: support new /dev/xvd* device names
* fix textwrap error with python 2.5 (issue 85)
* sshmaster, sshnode: load /etc/profile by default when executing
remote cmds
* terminate: handle Ctrl-D gracefully when prompting for input (issue 80)
* terminate: ignore keys when terminating manually
* validate key_location is readable (issue 77)
* relax validation constraints for running instances when using
"starcluster start -x" (issue 78)
* fix cluster validation for t1.micro AMIs/instance types
* loadbalance: fix _get_stats when no exec hosts
* loadbalance: respect min_nodes when removing nodes (issue 75)
* loadbalance: fix -K option to kill cluster when queue is empty
(issue 86)
* loadbalance: retry fetching stats 5x before failing (issue 65)
* skip NFS exports setup when there are no worker nodes
* sge: configure SGE profile on all nodes concurrently
* sge: use qconf's -\*attr commands to update cluster config (replaced
a bunch of ugly code that parsed SGE's console output)
* add Changelog to in order to include Changelog in future
release dists
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