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Re: StarCluster with CCI

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2011 13:33:12 -0500

Hi Jonathan,

Sorry for the delay, there's actually only one AMI that works for
cluster compute instances and this image also works for the cluster GPU

The current version of StarCluster is not compatible with these images,
however, the latest github code is compatible if you're interested in
testing. The next 0.92 version of StarCluster will support clusters of
cluster compute/cluster GPU instance types.



On 02/15/2011 12:47 PM, Jonathan Boyle wrote:
> Dear all
> I notice there are two StarCluster AMIs which are suitable for launching
> CCIs.
> However I can't see any mention of them
> on
> What is the status of these AMIs? Will they work with the StarCluster
> configuration file in the usual way?
> Best wishes
> Jonathan
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