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Re: issues creating a new AMI from a starcluster AMI

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 16:18:43 -0500

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Hi Neal,

My apologies for the delay. This happened because you added the instance
to the _at_sc-masters group when you launched it in the AWS console (see
the listinstances output). The 0.91.2 version assumes an instance is a
starcluster image if it belongs to a group starting with the "magic"
prefix: "_at_sc-" and prints out warnings in this case. Since you didn't
really launch the instance with StarCluster you can safely ignore those
warnings as I'm sure you have by now.

FWIW, this is no longer an issue in the github/next version; meaning you
can create new images from instances launched by StarCluster.


On 02/01/2011 09:15 PM, Neal Parikh wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm attempting to follow the instructions at and ran into some warnings. I basically just want an AMI like one of the starcluster ones, only with some extra software installed. I'm using starcluster 0.91.2, the latest stable version.
> I did the following (some output omitted to keep this easier to read):
> (1) $ sc listpublic
>>>> Listing all public StarCluster images...
> 64bit Images:
> --------------
> [0] ami-12b6477b us-east-1 starcluster-base-centos-5.4-x86_64-ebs-hvm-gpu-rc2
> [1] ami-0af31963 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-10.04-x86_64-rc1
> [2] ami-a19e71c8 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-9.04-x86_64
> [3] ami-2941ad40 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-9.10-x86_64-rc3
> [4] ami-a5c42dcc us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-9.10-x86_64-rc4
> I selected [1], a 64-bit AMI based on Ubuntu 10.04.
> (2) I went to the AWS management console and launched an instance based on this AMI. This is confirmed here:
> $ ec2-describe-instances | grep INSTANCE
> INSTANCE i-49ea6025 ami-0af31963 <omitted>
> or
> $ starcluster listinstances
> id: i-49ea6025
> zone: us-east-1c
> ami: ami-0af31963
> groups: _at_sc-masters
> <some info omitted>
> (3) I ran starcluster createimage to package an S3-backed AMI and got some warnings:
> $ starcluster createimage i-49ea6025 nparikh-sc nparikh-amis
> StarCluster - (
> Software Tools for Academics and Researchers (STAR)
> Please submit bug reports to
> - WARNING - Instance i-49ea6025 is a StarCluster instance
> - WARNING - Creating an image from a StarCluster instance can lead to problems when attempting to use the resulting image with StarCluster later on
> - WARNING - The recommended way to re-image a StarCluster AMI is to launch a single instance using either ElasticFox, the EC2 command line tools, or the AWS management console. Then login to the instance, modify it, and use this command to create a new AMI from it.
> Continue anyway (y/n)?
> ----------------
> So I'm pretty sure I followed all the instructions correctly and still got these warnings. Is this anything to be concerned about? Everything else in starcluster seems to work great so far, so I thought I would check into this. Thanks very much for your work on this package.
> - Neal
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