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Re: [Starcluster] Partition in EBS Volume

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 16:36:04 -0400

> Given the recent discussion on the expanding of the partition on an EBS
> volume, have you (Justin) ever considered eliminating the partition
> altogether?

So yea this would simplify things by not having to repartition but as it stands now, StarCluster utilizes the partition info when mounting and configuring the volumes so I would need to add in additional code for handling the case that no partitions exist on a volume when mounting and simply use the entire drive in this case. I have to keep the current capability to deal with mounting partitions in StarCluster because folks are using partitioned drives with StarCluster by now. I'll consider moving towards having createvolume use the entire volume and then adding support for StarCluster to mount the entire device as well in the case of no partitions. When that happens we'll have best of both worlds in terms of mounting and then the create/expandvolume functions will strictly use the entire volume.

This is likely a release after next goal. Good point though, thanks for bringing it up.

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