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Re: [Starcluster] SOLVED!! instance ssh problem...

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 11:55:20 -0400

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Hi Nicholas,

Awesome, I'll try to wget that url on a local instance sometime today
and see how it goes just to verify that this is the case (ie latest
points to 1.0 by default on 1.6.2)

I meant to send you an announcement this last night, but I made some
modifications that should allow you to get past the credentials step
when starting StarCluster on Eucalyptus. You'll need to pull in the
latest code to test it out.

Please let me know how things go and what the next obstacles are.

I am aware of one obstacle that guarantees things will not quite run
successfully. When we do:

$ starcluster listinstances

I noticed that both of our outputs of this command using Eucalyptus
reports private_ip_address and ip_address as N/A. These variables are
used by StarCluster to setup things like /etc/hosts, Sun Grid Engine, etc.

I have a feeling this is due to needing a more sophisticated DNS setup
with Eucalyptus but I haven't tried to solve this just yet. In any
event, things will almost certainly not work until we can get these
values to be properly populated (ie starcluster listinstances should
show the ip addresses and not N/A's).

Hope that helps,


On 03/29/2010 11:06 AM, Nicholas Ampazis wrote:
> Justin,
> I do have a "" in the "/usr/share/eucalyptus" directory.
> However this might not be much relevant in the process of copying the
> ssh key in later versions of Eucalyptus (i.e. 1.6.x), since I've
> discovered that I could have achieved the same fix if I had
> substituted
> public_key_url=
> by
> public_key_url=
> (instead of public_key_url=
> in /etc/init.d/ec2-get-credentials" of starcluster iso.
> Notice that in this case "latest" points to the same directory as
> "api_ver" which in your eucalyptus installation (1.6.2) just happens
> to be "1.0", so it works out of the box!
> Thanks,
> Nicholas
> P.S. Is there any progress in the starcluster git python code with
> regards to commands that did not work with eucalyptus credentials
> (e.g. starcluster start , etc)?
> On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 7:35 AM, Justin Riley <> wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Hi Nicholas,
>> Awesome, glad to hear you've got the StarCluster ami working with
>> Eucalyptus. I'm still a little curious as to why I didn't need those
>> modifications to /etc/init.d/ec2-get-credentials and you did.
>> My current theory on this:
>> I believe that Eucalyptus is running the script
>> $EUCALYPTUS/usr/share/eucalyptus/ somewhere in the process of
>> bringing the instance up.
>> Looking at this script it appears that they manually pipe the pub key
>> into root's authorized_keys file (ie they're mounting the iso and
>> creating the authorized_keys outside of the instance).
>> My only guess as to why my EMI worked out of the box with respect to ssh
>> is because of this script. Maybe it's not being executed for some reason?
>> Can you check if that script exists for you in /usr/share/eucalyptus?
>> Thanks and in any event, thanks for tracking this down :D
>> ~Justin

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