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Re: request of new features of starcluster

From: Ramon Ramirez-Linan <no email>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 10:51:44 -0500


For question 1
What do you think about adding an option where the user can specify a SG to
server as a template for the Cluster's SG?
So if I have a production SG (psg) StarCluster can copy that group psg_sc,
that way the workflow of destroying a cluster will be safer since psg_sc
only exist for the purpose of that cluster. I think this option would be
easier to implement.

For question 2,
I would also like to see this feature, what I have been doing for now is to
bake the compute node storage in the AMI

On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 11:45 AM, Rayson Ho <> wrote:

> Hi Jian,
> StarCluster puts information in the cluster security group to identify
> whether a cluster exists or not (you may have encountered the message " !!!
> ERROR - Cluster 'sc' already exists.". While we can rename or clear the
> tags added to a security group, forcing StarCluster to use a predefined
> security group can affect the current code we have.
> IMO, a better way to satisfy your need is to add your security group (the
> one that's used as the traffic source in the production security group)
> together with the security group create by Starcluster to each cluster
> node. This way, only 1 or 2 functions in the existing StarCluster code need
> to be changed.
> One the other hand, forcing StarCluster to use a predefined security group
> can cause issues as StarCluster's cleanup code won't be able to delete your
> group, because it is referenced in the production security group. While
> StarCluster probably shouldn't touch your predefined security group at all
> if one is supplied, it does change how StarCluster cleans up the security
> group when you terminate the cluster.
> Finally, an added benefit is that you can document what that security
> group is for in your audit log, and also apply that security group to any
> instances that need to access the production cluster. This way, you can
> have multiple StarClusters and/or other services access the production
> cluster, while at the same time keeping the traffic from flowing through
> each other.
> Rayson
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> On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 3:52 PM, Jian Feng <> wrote:
>> Dear StarCluster devs,
>> As a loyal starcluster user, I am wondering if it's ok for me to submit a
>> feature request to meet needs of more people and businesses. I'd like to
>> see
>> 1. security group separated from cluster creation. In AWS the sg and
>> instances are two totally independent things. Security group and live
>> without any instances. This is convenient because we'd like to reuse the
>> security group for different clusters. This is especially true when we need
>> to fine tune the security rules for different type of work. In my case, I
>> need my starcluster cluster to access the production cluster data. So I
>> will have to change the production security group rules every time I create
>> a new star cluster. This is not efficient and not easy to be fully
>> automated.
>> It's totally fine to keep the current setting but give people an option
>> to reuse an existing security group.
>> 2. local ebs disk storage for each node. I see a great amount
>> applications have this needs. This is crucial for any distributed
>> persistent data storage.
>> I understand that starcluster is open source so people can tailor it to
>> their own needs. The thing is some functionalities can help people to
>> improve productivity a lot so they might be worth adding.
>> Thanks!
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