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Re: cluster creation best practice

From: Jennifer Staab <no email>
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2014 12:30:48 -0500

AWS does put limits on resources any one AWS account can use
(seehere<> for
details). Specifically see here
for limits regarding EC2s. You can make requests to AWS to increase
limit bounds. Also note there are certain actions AWS users are not
allowed take (seehere <>), if you violate any
of those policies Amazon has right to deny service to you.

And another thing to consider is the time of the year. AWS started
because Amazon wanted to make more use of its resources when they were
less than active. I'm not sure what proportion of AWS resources are
still used by Amazon itself, but I would think with holidays approaching
the EC2s might be less than available as compared to the start of 2015.

Good Luck.


On 11/6/14 11:41 AM, Ramon Ramirez-Linan wrote:
> I need to create a 300 nodes cluster.
> 1. if there a way to query AWS in advance to see if they have the 300
> EC2 availables? I dont want to find out after 299 nodes that they out
> of that EC2 type. I am not sure if StarCluster already check for that.
> 2. Would it be better to create the cluster with less nodes and then
> add them 20 at a time?
> Thanks in advance
> Ramon
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