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Re: Customizing AMI but to distribute share

From: MacMullan, Hugh <no email>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 15:49:53 +0000

Hi Greg:

Do use the latest docs here:

Not sure what's changed, but 0.93.3 is pretty old at this point.

Create a new AMI per those instructions, then in the AWS EC2 Console go to IMAGES > AMIs, right-click your new AMI, and choose "Modify Image Permissions". Either make the image 'public', so that anyone can read (and use) it, or add specific AWS Account Numbers to share with specific individuals. They won't be able to modify the AMI, only 'use' it.

That's about it. Then the users can have their own EBS volume that gets mounted with their data, or use S3, etc.

Good luck with the project.


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Subject: [StarCluster] Customizing AMI but to distribute share

Hi there,

So I'd like to install some custom software on StarCluster and then
allow others to run their own instances of StarCluster using my

This page seems like a really good start:

But I'm not sure how I would share the EBS AMI I create so others
could launch StarCluster with their own AWS accounts, and instantly
run my installed software. (Also I guess ideally it would be good if
they couldn't modify the original AMI, but could persist their data
somewhere else.)


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