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Re: Starcluster - refresh to spot market price

From: François-Michel L'Heureux <no email>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 08:57:29 -0400

Hi Roren

The core version of StarCluster does not allow any change of configuration.
Once a cluster is started, the configuration remains forever.

I have had my own StarCluster version for more than a year now and this
version has a way to change the configuration. It's technically the same as
the core version but with a bit more functionalities and handling of
errors, especially for spot instances. Check it out at (At the bottom of the readme you
will see the list of changes under "vanilla_improvements branch notes".)
This version has a "--config-on-master" flag that you can use when starting
a cluster. The config goes to /etc/starcluster as a json blob and you can
simply change it with a text editor.

There is something else you could try, but a bit riskier. I've created a
pull request for that specific functionality. You could try to merge it
with the core version and see if it works, but as I said, it's riskier as
it may not work well out of the box and require some fixes.

As a last point, the vanilla_improvements branch has another cool
functionality. It allows to bid in the cheapest availability_zone available
to your cluster. So if the prices becomes higher in your primary zone, it
will simply use another one. That is for new instances. It will not kill
instances in order to move them there.

Feel free to join us over IRC if you have more questions. (#starcluster IRC
channel on freenode.)

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