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ESB mount on worker node : Too many levels of symbolic links

From: ronen artzi <no email>
Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 01:05:43 -0400

Hi ,

I am new to star cluster . your help is appreciated !!

We have an EBS volume that contains two files.

I had defined the volume in my congig file and than added it through the
VOLUMES key word in the cluster template. :

# Sections starting with "volume" define your EBS volumes
[volume ronen]
VOLUME_ID = vol-07867e42
MOUNT_PATH = /data/testme

and on the cluster template side:
# list of volumes to attach to the master node (OPTIONAL)
# these volumes, if any, will be NFS shared to the worker nodes
# see "Configuring EBS Volumes" below on how to define volume sections
VOLUMES = ronen

Upon launching the cluster - I can see the ESB attached to the master and
can list it's content.

When login to the worker node - I can see the mount using df command :

master:/home 15481856 6588416 8107008 45% /home
master:/data/testme 15481856 6588416 8107008 45% /data/testme
master:/opt/sge6 15481856 6588416 8107008 45% /opt/sge6

but as I am trying to us is on that mount / or cd to the point I am getting

*r*oot_at_node001:/data/testme# *ls /data/testme/*
ls: cannot access /data/testme/data: Too many levels of symbolic links
data home opt

What am I doing wrong ?
   - Ronen
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