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StarCluster 0.95 Released!

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2014 11:06:29 -0500

Hi All,

StarCluster 0.95 has officially been released and is available for
download from the usual places:

Version 0.95 of StarCluster is a feature release with many enhancements
and bug fixes. This release has support for Amazon’s Virtual Private
Cloud (VPC). See "Using the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)" in the docs for
details on using StarCluster with VPC:

This release comes with new Ubuntu 13.04 AMIs for 32bit and 64bit
platforms as well as an HVM AMI that comes with drivers for GPU and
enhanced networking. The HVM AMI also comes with the CUDA toolkit,
PyCuda, MAGMA, and OGS GPU sensor. These new AMIs are available in all
AWS regions. Please use StarCluster's listpublic command to find them.
The complete change log is available here:

NOTE: This release is not compatible with currently active clusters
created with a previous release of StarCluster. Please terminate all
active clusters before upgrading to 0.95.

You can find the official docs for 0.95 here:

Please upgrade ASAP, test the new 0.95 release, and submit any bug
reports preferably to StarCluster's github issue tracker[1] or to this
mailing list.



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