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!!! ERROR - command 'DEBIAN_FRONTEND='noninteractive' apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::='--force-confnew' . . . failed with status 100

From: Alessandro Gagliardi <no email>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 10:04:34 -0700

Hello all,

I've been having trouble with the pkginstaller plugin recently. I get the
following error when it tries to install packages:

> !!! ERROR - command 'DEBIAN_FRONTEND='noninteractive' apt-get -o
> Dpkg::Options::='--force-confnew' -y --force-yes install g++ gfortran
> git-core subversion python-all-dev python-virtualenv mongodb libblas-dev
> liblapack-dev libatlas-dev r-base-core cython python-dateutil
> python-requests python-pymongo python-rpy2 python-nltk r-base-core
> mysql-client build-essential python-setuptools python-dev python-numpy
> python-matplotlib prover9 python-scipy python-tz python-pandas
> python-mysqldb libsnappy-dev python-xlwt msgpack-python lzop libpq-dev
> python-psycopg2' failed with status 100

I thought the problem might be because I was trying to start an Anaconda
cluster using but I tried
spinning up a vanilla StarCluster just now and had the same problem. I also
thought that it might be one of the packages causing a problem, but even
when I reduced it to just g++ I got the same error. Any thoughts on how to
fix would be greatly appreciated.

Alessandro Gagliardi
Data Scientist / Analytics Engineer
Path, Inc.
Received on Wed May 15 2013 - 13:04:56 EDT
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