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Re: newbie problems

From: Rayson Ho <no email>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 17:40:32 -0400

On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 5:23 PM, Justin Riley <> wrote:
> If you're trying to find a way to store data without having to keep the
> cluster around there are much better approaches:


Since you mentioned that you are new to AWS, you should be able to get
the benefits of the free tier:

Basically, you can use 30 GB of EBS storage free of charge. On the
other hand, if you pull data from AWS to your local harddrive
everytime you are done with the instance, then you will need to pay
for I/O & data transfer costs.


I am trying to find the version of the NVIDIA Driver & CUDA toolkit
installed on the CG1 AMIs, but instead of booting up an instance to
find out what's there, is there a page that lists the additional
software packages installed in the AMIs?? So far, I could only find:


Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine

Scalable Grid Engine Support Program

> 1. Use an external EBS volume with StarCluster and store your data
> there. This will allow you to terminate the cluster and still preserve
> your important data on the EBS volume. See:
> 2. If you don't wish to use external EBS volumes at all you can always
> use starcluster's "get" command to manually download files from the
> cluster before terminating, e.g.:
> $ starcluster get mycluster /path/to/results.tar.gz
> Similarly you can upload files using the "put" command:
> $ starcluster put mycluster /path/to/local/file /remote/path/
> See the following doc for more details:
>>    4. After knowing how to download the image, I will need the command to
>>    start a new cluster using the image I have stored on my local disk. I
>>    think I have seen something to install from an image to the cluster
> Launching a cluster using a locally stored disk image is not supported.
> The latency in doing this would be *insane*. Having to upload multiple
> GBs and register an AMI everytime would make starting a cluster
> *extremely* time-consuming and error-prone.
> As mentioned above you're better off creating a new AMI for your needs
> and keeping the new AMI on Amazon. Then simply update your StarCluster
> config to use your new AMI. If you need to save data before terminating
> the cluster then either save your data to an external EBS volume or copy
> the data using the 'get' command as mentined above.
> Hope that helps,
> ~Justin
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