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StarCluster 0.93 Released with New Ubuntu 11.10 EBS-backed AMIs!

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012 12:34:04 -0500

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Hi All,

StarCluster 0.93 has officially been released and is available for
download from the usual places:

This release also comes with new Ubuntu 11.10-based EBS-backed AMIs
available in *all* Amazon regions. There is also a new Ubuntu
11.10-based HVM AMI with the latest CUDA/OpenCL tools. Use the
"listpublic" command to see a list of available AMIs:

$ starcluster listpublic

The "us-east-1" 11.10 EBS AMIs are now the defaults in the config
template. You can browse AMIs in other regions using:

$ starcluster -r sa-east-1 listpublic

You can find the new docs for 0.93 here:

You can see what's new in the change log:

For convenience I've also attached the change log to the end of this
email, however, the web version of the change log contains links to the
relevant portions of the docs explaining the new features.

Please take some time to skim through the docs as new content has been
added and old content updated/reworked.

Please upgrade at your leisure, test the new 0.93 release, and
submit any bug reports preferably to StarCluster's github issue
tracker[1] or to the mailing list[2].

Enjoy and thanks to everyone for testing and reporting issues!



0.93 Release Notes

- ----
New StarCluster Ubuntu 11.10 EBS AMIs available including a new HVM
AMI for use with CC/CC2/CG instance types! Includes OpenGridScheduler
(to replace SGE), Condor, Hadoop/Dumbo, MPICH2, OpenMPI, IPython 0.12
(parallel+notebook), and more. Run ``dpkg -l`` on the AMIs for the
full list of packages.

The new StarCluster Ubuntu 11.10 EBS HVM AMI additionally comes with
NVIDIA driver, CUDA Toolkit/SDK, PyCuda, PyOpenCL, and Magma for GPU

These new AMIs are available in all AWS regions. The new ``us-east-1``
11.10 EBS AMIs are now the defaults in the StarCluster config
template. Use the ``listpublic`` command to obtain a list of available
StarCluster AMIs in other regions:

    $ starcluster -r sa-east-1 listpublic

NOTE: The **HVM** AMI is currently only available in the ``us-east-1``
region until other regions support HVM.

- --------
* Added support for new CC2 instance types

* Added support for specifying a proxy host to use when connecting to AWS:

   [aws info]
   aws_proxy =
   aws_proxy_port = 8080
   aws_proxy_user = yourproxyuser
   aws_proxy_pass = yourproxypass

* Updated IPCluster plugin to support IPython 0.12 with parallel and
notebook support (SSL+password auth).

* Keypairs are now validated against EC2 fingerprint which notifies
users ahead of time if the file they specified in KEY_LOCATION doesn't
match the EC2 keypair specified

* Support for Windows (tested on 32bit Windows 7)

New Plugins
- -----------
* IPCluster - improved IPython 0.12 support with parallel + notebook
support (thanks to MinRK for his contributions)

* Condor - experimental support for creating a Condor pool on StarCluster.

* Hadoop - support for creating a Hadoop cluster with StarCluster

* MPICH2 - configure cluster to use MPICH2 instead of OpenMPI

* TMUX - configures cluster SSH "dashboard" in tmux

* Package installer - install Ubuntu packages on all nodes concurrently

* MySQL - install and configure a MySQL cluster on StarCluster.

* Xvfb - install and configure an Xvfb session on all nodes (``sets

Bug Fixes
- ---------
* Fix bug in ``put`` command where in random cases the last few bytes
of the file weren't being transferred
* Fix bug with addnode launching N^2 instances when using spot nodes
* Raise an error if placement group creation fails
* Fix bug in terminate command in the case that nodes are already
"shutting-down" when the terminate command is executed
* Fix bug in s3image when destination S3 bucket already exists
* Fix known_hosts warnings when SSH'ing from node to node internally
* Fix trivial logging bug in createvolume command
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