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StarCluster 0.92.1 Released!

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2011 23:12:05 -0400

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Hi All,

StarCluster 0.92.1 has officially been released:

You can find the new docs for 0.92.1 here:

You can see what's new in the change log:

For convenience I've also attached the change log to the end of this
email, however, the web version of the change log contains links to the
relevant portions of the docs explaining the new features.

As with the last release, please take some time to skim through the docs
as new content has been added and old content updated/reworked.

Please upgrade at your leisure, test the new release candidate, and
submit any bug reports preferably to StarCluster's github issue
tracker[1] or to the mailing list[2].




Release Notes

- --------
* Support for splitting the config into an arbitrary set of files::

    include=~/.starcluster/awscreds, ~/.starcluster/myconf

* createvolume: support naming/tagging newly created volumes::

    $ starcluster createvolume --name mynewvol 30 us-east-1d

* listvolumes: add support for filtering by tags::

    $ starcluster listvolumes --name mynewvol
    $ starcluster listvolumes --tag mykey=myvalue

* sshmaster, sshnode, sshinstance: support for running remote
  commands from command line::

    $ starcluster sshmaster mycluster 'cat /etc/fstab'
    $ starcluster sshnode mycluster node001 'cat /etc/fstab'
    $ starcluster sshinstance i-99999999 'cat /etc/hosts'

Bug Fixes
- ---------
The following bugs were fixed in this release:

spothistory command:

* add package_data to sdist in order to include the necessary web media and
  templates needed for the --plot feature. The previous 0.92 version left
  these out and thus the --plot feature was broken. This should be fixed.

* fix bug when launching default browser on mac

start command:

* fix bug in option completion when using the start command's
  --cluster-template option

terminate command:

* fix bug in terminate cmd when region != us-east-1

listkeypairs command:

* fix bug in listkeypairs when no keys exist

- ------------
* listinstances: add 'state_reason' msg to output if available
* add system info, Python info, and package versions to crash-report
* listregions: sort regions by name
* improved bash/zsh completion support. completion will read from the
  config file, if possible, in the case that the global -c option is
  while completing.
* separate the timing of cluster setup into time spent on waiting for EC2
  instances to come up and time spent configuring the cluster after all
  instances are up and running. this is useful when profiling StarCluster's
  performance on large (100+ node) clusters.
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