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remotely run jobs on starcluster

From: liang cheng <no email>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 00:37:14 -0700


I have a http server running on Linux, I would like to run some
scripts on that server which actually submits jobs to a known
starcluster. That is, how can I run a job from a machine that is
outside my cluster.

For example:

I have an EC2 instance named A.
I have a EC2 based starcluster which is composed of two nodes: B
(master) and C.(slave)

Currently I run my jobs in this way:

log in to A.
run "starcluster sshmaster mycluster"
At the master node (B), I run "qsub sh"

Now I would like to simplify it to:
log in to A
run "sh"

"" should include 1) login to B and 2) run jobs at B and C.

Can someone help me ?

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