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Re: Large cluster (125 nodes) launch failure

From: Chris Dagdigian <no email>
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 09:23:59 -0400

The future of SGE is looking very good now that Oracle has killed off
the open source version and provided clarity to the situation. There are
three very robust forks of the open source codebase, including one
supported by Univa in which a few of the original SGE developers have
been employed to continue work on the code under an open-core business

Full time developers working on the codebase solves most of my anxiety
about the future of SGE.

All of the open source forks are playing nicely with each other, we've
formed a steering committee to organize things and our new base seems to
be at The users- mailing list is back up and
providing support and I would not be surprised if the multiple open
source forks collapse back into one community project as they have all
been sharing patches and updates.

Just my $.02

bias alert: I'm employed by and operate both
as well as


Matthew Summers wrote:

> For one, I am really interested in an alternative to SGE, given its
> uncertain status after the Oracle purchase of Sun. Having discussed
> this at some length with Mr. Riley during previous conversations, its
> entirely likely that a good solution is possible using existing open
> source software, at least to a large extent. However, some components
> of SGE will be time consuming to implement in comparable fashion, for
> example the internal SGE load balancing mechanism.
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