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Re: Setting a spot bid

From: Justin Simms <no email>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 17:49:14 -0400


As far as I can tell, it seems to be the case that there is no conversion
from the string type to the float or int type that is expected. The way that
you have provided your argument is correct.


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Hi StarCluster folks,

I just came across StarCluster last week. We've been having some trouble
with a local physical SGE cluster, and I needed a backup/replacement. I
made the mistake of trying to set up an existing Ubuntu AMI to work in
StarCluster, without knowing what I was getting in to. But once I gave up
on that and started fresh from the default SG Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit image, I
got things up and running smoothly. Very nice work!

I'm looking forward to the features planned for version 0.92, especially
elastic load balancing, add/remove nodes, and EBS-backed AMIs. Any estimate
when we might see 0.92?

I am having a slight issue with bidding for spot instances. It works just
fine if I request it through the command line:
starcluster start --bid=0.50 cluster

But, if I put the bid in my .starcluster/config file like so:
[cluster medium]
SPOT_BID = 0.35
I get the error:
>>> Using default cluster template: medium Validating cluster template
>>> settings... - ERROR - spot_bid must be integer or float - ERROR - settings for cluster template "medium" are not valid

Is the way I've specified this wrong? Or perhaps, it's being loaded as a
string and isn't getting converted to a float internally?



Benjamin Lambert
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Carnegie Mellon University
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