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Setting a spot bid

From: Benjamin Lambert <no email>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 15:29:54 -0400

Hi StarCluster folks,

I just came across StarCluster last week. We've been having some trouble with a local physical SGE cluster, and I needed a backup/replacement. I made the mistake of trying to set up an existing Ubuntu AMI to work in StarCluster, without knowing what I was getting in to. But once I gave up on that and started fresh from the default SG Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit image, I got things up and running smoothly. Very nice work!

I'm looking forward to the features planned for version 0.92, especially elastic load balancing, add/remove nodes, and EBS-backed AMIs. Any estimate when we might see 0.92?

I am having a slight issue with bidding for spot instances. It works just fine if I request it through the command line:
starcluster start --bid=0.50 cluster

But, if I put the bid in my .starcluster/config file like so:
[cluster medium]
SPOT_BID = 0.35
I get the error:
>>> Using default cluster template: medium
>>> Validating cluster template settings... - ERROR - spot_bid must be integer or float - ERROR - settings for cluster template "medium" are not valid

Is the way I've specified this wrong? Or perhaps, it's being loaded as a string and isn't getting converted to a float internally?



Benjamin Lambert
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