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Re: questions related to matlab and windows on amaozn ec2

From: Abhijit Bendale <no email>
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 21:22:59 -0500

On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 8:41 PM, Justin Riley <> wrote:

> Hi Abhijit,
> > This is what i want to do:
> > Setup matlab preferably with windows but linux is fine as well.
> > (amazon EC2 provides mostly windows 2003/08 server editions which are
> > pain to use..)
> Do you mean parallel matlab or just individual matlab installations on
> each machine? I believe the setup and licensing is different in each
> case but I could be wrong. I haven't used matlab in years...

Thanks for the reply Justin. Sorry didn't update on the mailing list. I
ended up configuring Matlab for EC2 with
windows and linux the way we wanted in the lab. You are right, licensing is
different for individual and parellel.
For parallel processing, best if people go with parallel processing toolbox.
It has an inbuilt queueing system which
takes care of job submission across multiple nodes. You have to get a
separate license apart from existing
Matlab. Windows Server is a bit pain to configure, but after shooting
yourself few times and feeling sorry for yourself
you can get it working. Though tons of stupid questions from windows you
have to answer!!!

> > How does licensing for matlab work on ec2? will jsut a plain install
> > on a machine and then creating ami and using those ami work with linux
> > + matlab and windows + matlab?
> Again I'm not an expert on matlab or its licensing but I imagine you
> will still need to have a valid license for each EC2 instance. In theory
> you should be able to create your own matlab AMI and as long as you
> configure each instance you launch with a valid license after they come
> up (maybe through a StarCluster plugin?) it should work. I'd recommend
> reading the following whitepaper for the licensing requirements and
> installation details:
> > Any suggestions for tools to do intereaction with matlab nodes ?
I am using VNC, but I am assuming NeatX might be a better solution..!!
Unfortunately numpy/scipy wouldn't
work because many people are Matlab-Windows Only. Liecensing works the way
you mentioned and each instance needs separate license,
which gets authenticated with MIT network so no of matlab nodes you can boot
is restrcited by number of licenses you have in your insitution..!!!

> Well if you prefer using NumPy/Python you can give these a try (I
> haven't used them personally):
> 1.
> 2.
> > Does starcluster have windows support? ( i didnt find it.. I have been
> > using it with ubuntu for 6 months now)

> Not at this time.

> ~Justin
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