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Re: questions related to matlab and windows on amaozn ec2

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2011 20:41:06 -0500

Hi Abhijit,

> This is what i want to do:
> Setup matlab preferably with windows but linux is fine as well.
> (amazon EC2 provides mostly windows 2003/08 server editions which are
> pain to use..)

Do you mean parallel matlab or just individual matlab installations on
each machine? I believe the setup and licensing is different in each
case but I could be wrong. I haven't used matlab in years...

> How does licensing for matlab work on ec2? will jsut a plain install
> on a machine and then creating ami and using those ami work with linux
> + matlab and windows + matlab?

Again I'm not an expert on matlab or its licensing but I imagine you
will still need to have a valid license for each EC2 instance. In theory
you should be able to create your own matlab AMI and as long as you
configure each instance you launch with a valid license after they come
up (maybe through a StarCluster plugin?) it should work. I'd recommend
reading the following whitepaper for the licensing requirements and
installation details:

> Any suggestions for tools to do intereaction with matlab nodes ?

Well if you prefer using NumPy/Python you can give these a try (I
haven't used them personally):



> Does starcluster have windows support? ( i didnt find it.. I have been
> using it with ubuntu for 6 months now)

Not at this time.

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