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From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2010 11:13:18 -0500

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On 11/30/2010 06:56 PM, Boris Fain wrote:
> Thank you very much, this helps a lot. Now that you said it I do see the
> instructions for making AMI's require X.509 certificates, and we'll
> get them and put them into the config file. The default config file did
> not have that section, so that's why we missed it. Will report on
> success :-)

Great, thanks. I've added the EC2_CERT and EC2_PRIVATE_KEY settings to
the config template with an explanation that they're only needed for
creating instance-store (S3) AMIs. The next version will support
creating EBS AMIs as well and for EBS AMIs these settings are no longer

> As for the instance, we actually did create an instance using the AWS
> console - but we selected a starcluster 64 bit AMI for the single
> instance - and also a starcluster security policy.
> We did this because your Ubuntu version instance has almost everything
> we need (except we need to downgrade the compiler), and the security
> policy is exactly what we want.
> I don't think we had any other cluster instances on the web. Are there
> some remnants of our previous cluster launches that may have confused
> starcluster? Or was this because
> of the security policy? Should we set our own security policy?

Ahhh OK, so you started the instance in the AWS management console but
added the instance to an existing _at_sc-* security group. In this case
it's safe to ignore the warning about using instances started by
StarCluster since StarCluster didn't actually launch and configure the
instance. StarCluster is giving you the warning in this case because it
thinks that the instance was started by StarCluster. This is because it
sees that the instance is in a _at_sc-* group and typically @sc-* groups
are only created by StarCluster during a 'start' procedure.

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