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From: Boris Fain <no email>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 15:56:53 -0800

Hi Justin -

Thank you very much, this helps a lot. Now that you said it I do see the
instructions for making AMI's require X.509 certificates, and we'll
get them and put them into the config file. The default config file did not
have that section, so that's why we missed it. Will report on success :-)

As for the instance, we actually did create an instance using the AWS
console - but we selected a starcluster 64 bit AMI for the single instance -
and also a starcluster security policy.
We did this because your Ubuntu version instance has almost everything we
need (except we need to downgrade the compiler), and the security policy is
exactly what we want.
I don't think we had any other cluster instances on the web. Are there some
remnants of our previous cluster launches that may have confused
starcluster? Or was this because
of the security policy? Should we set our own security policy?

Thank you Justin.

On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 10:53 PM, Justin Riley <> wrote:

> Hi Boris,
> Thanks for using StarCluster and sorry to hear you're having issues.
>> That's my question #1, is it OK to continue. The second question arises
>> immediately
>> It's OK to continue in the sense that the AMI will be successfully
> created and you'll be able to launch instances of the AMI. However, as the
> warning mentions, using the new AMI with the current stable version of
> StarCluster (0.91.2) *may* have issues when "starting" new clusters with the
> new AMI. This is because the new AMI will contain hostnames/ip
> addresses/configurations/etc from your previous cluster and the 0.91.2
> version isn't robust enough to handle clearing these old settings out. The
> next version of StarCluster will be released soon (also with support for
> Cluster Compute/GPU instance types and more) and it will not have this issue
> (meaning you *will* be able to create AMIs from an instance launched by
> StarCluster just as you're attempting to do).
> For the time being, I would recommend using the AWS Management Console (
> to launch a single instance of the
> StarCluster AMI. Then you can login, make your modifications, and afterwards
> use StarCluster's 'createimage' command to make a new AMI that should work
> just fine with StarCluster 0.91.2.
> - ERROR - No certificate file (pem) file specified
>> so I cannot make this image with starcluster. I am able to log into new
>> clusters, so the keypair/certificates must be correct, but I cannot cut a
>> new image.
>> The EC2 certificate and private key files are different then keypairs and
> unique to your account. You should be able to download both the EC2
> certificate and private key files for your account from the AWS Management
> Console (
> After you've downloaded both files (should be cert-*.pem and pk-*.pem
> files) you need to add the EC2_CERT and EC2_PRIVATE_KEY settings to the [aws
> info] section of your config. These settings should contain the absolute
> paths to the EC2 certificate and private key files for your account:
> [aws info]
> ....
> EC2_CERT = /path/to/your/cert-a23fasdf0asdfj0i2j03fj.pem
> EC2_PRIVATE_KEY = /path/to/your/pk-a23fasdf0asdf23f2111j03fj.pem
> I apologize for the error message. It's not very helpful. The next version
> will do a better job of informing the user on how to fix the error.
> I'd like to encourage you, if you haven't already done so, to join the
> StarCluster mailing list:
> Please write to the list if you're still having issues or have questions,
> etc.
> Thanks again for using StarCluster,
> ~Justin

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