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Re: starcluster-extras plugin project on git --- PackageLoader

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 13:44:57 -0400

  Hi Austin,

Great, I'll set up a new starcluster-plugins repo this weekend and pull
the code from your starcluster-extras project. Then we should be all set
and I'll send out an email about forking this new repo for users who
want to contribute new plugins.

> Also, how on earth would I write a test for something like this
> plugin? Seems messy.

Well it is possible to script it out, however, even just testing that
you can launch a cluster, install your packages using your
cluster-install script, stop the cluster, start a new cluster and check
that those packages were automatically installed without any user
intervention would be enough. Doesn't have to be scripted.


On 10/23/10 1:08 PM, Austin Godber wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> Yeah, thats fine by me. If you want, you can cherrypick from what
> I have done and go from there. Making it a proper package and doing
> whatever you see fit. I didn't quite get the packaging done. Same goes
> for automatically copying the cluster-install, which is on my TODO list
> in the README. I had kinda thought that copying the cluster-install
> would be easier after I made it package, thus forcing some structure on
> the directory layout ...
> Also, how on earth would I write a test for something like this
> plugin? Seems messy.
> Just gimme a holler with instructions once you have em.
> Austin
> On 10/23/2010 12:49 PM, Justin Riley wrote:
>> Austin,
>> The starcluster-extras project is a good idea. I'm thinking about making
>> a starcluster-plugins project instead and having folks fork off that for
>> committing plugin code so that it's easier for me to absorb plugins into
>> the main code base (in the starcluster.plugins module) once they're been
>> tested and documented thoroughly. Would you be willing to use this model
>> instead of the starcluster-extras project you've created?
>> Also, concerning your package installer plugin, it doesn't appear that
>> your plugin installs the 'cluster-install' script on the cluster so that
>> it can be used locally after, say, an sshmaster command. The plugin
>> should probably be modified to copy the script to /usr/bin and make it
>> executable. Nice plugin, thanks for sharing!
>> ~Justin
>> On 10/22/10 4:03 PM, Austin Godber wrote:
>>> Hello Folks,
>>> I have just pushed the starcluster plugin I was working on to a
>>> project on git. This is where I will push any plugins I add:
>>> There is only one plugin at the moment, the README is fairly
>>> descriptive, but to save you from clicking, what it does is provides a
>>> way to automatically install packages on cluster nodes. Rather than
>>> specifying the package in a plugin configuration list (like the sample
>>> plugin) I wrote a wrapper script, 'cluster-install', that you use to
>>> install packages on the cluster ... this will install the packages on
>>> all of the nodes, as well as record the set of packages on the cluster
>>> in /home/.starcluster-packages. This file will be used to setup the
>>> nodes on the next cluster launch.
>>> For those who are interested, I'd be happy to discuss it more. Email me
>>> or the list.
>>> Austin
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