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Re: status of HPC instance type

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 15:02:23 -0400

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Hi Brian,

I just merged the new code that supports EBS-backed clusters and also
the new cluster compute types on github. Thanks to Fred Rotbart for his
contributions to the cluster compute support.

The github code now supports starting/stopping EBS clusters. The stop
command will stop any EBS-backed instances rather than terminating them.
Normal instance-store instances will be terminated by the stop command
as they've been in the past.

There's a new command called 'terminate' that will destroy an EBS
cluster given that the stop command will only 'stop' an EBS-cluster. The
'stop' and 'terminate' commands are identical in behavior in the case of
normal instance-store (S3) instances.

Right now Fred is sharing his AMI publicly for the new cluster compute
instance types. I need to migrate Fred's image to the StarCluster
account so that it will be available via "starcluster listpublic" but
for now you should be able to use his image (ami-30b84d59) with the
github code without issues. I used his image to test the new code.

I'm hoping to publish a release candidate for testing soon before
releasing the official 0.92 version. Please let me know if you test the
github code and have any issues.



On 10/15/2010 11:40 PM, Brian O'Connor wrote:
> Hi,
> I've used StarCluster and found it to be extremely easy to use and
> helpful for my research. After doing some prototyping I'm ready to
> switch to the HPC instance type. I was wondering if support for this
> instance type is available in git and how long until StarCluster
> supports it officially. I saw a post from Justin in September that
> indicated it was being worked on:
>> I'm planning on adding EBS-backed AMIs to StarCluster and Fred Rotbart
>> has submitted patches that handle starting/stopping EBS-backed instances
>> including instances of the new cluster compute type (which you'll be
>> *very* interested in by the way given that you do lots of MPI). Stay tuned.
> Is this to a state that I can start playing around with it?
> Thanks for your help! Great project!
> --Brian O'Connor
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