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working with EBS volumes

From: Adam Marsh <no email>
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2010 17:19:41 -0400

I've had some challenges to getting SC running correctly when EBS volumes are mounted to the head node during configuration. I initially setup the EBS volumes with database files by first configuring and mounting the volume on any available EC2 VM I had running at the time. By default, most of the time I was working as user 'ubuntu'. However, whenever an EBS volume with files or folders having 'ubuntu' as the owner and group were included in the VOLUMES list of the SC config file and were mounted during setup to the head node, two odd things occurred:
        1. when the cluster_user account was setup by SC (like 'sgeadmin'), the owner and user of the /sgeadmin folder under /home was 'ubuntu';
        2. connecting via ssh to the sgeadmin account always defaulted to logging in to the 'ubuntu' user account.

I worked around the problem by changing own/grp settings on all EBS folders/files to the cluster_user name used in the config file. All works fine now.

Is this just a rare instance of SC system behavior? If not, is there a better way to prepare EBS volumes for use with SC to avoid own/grp conflicts?


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