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Re: Ubuntu cloud

From: Justin Riley <no email>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 13:59:57 -0400

Hi Joachim,

So a few months back I experimented with setting up my own local
Eucalyptus cloud running on a single development machine and had some
success using StarCluster with it. The only big downfall I had was that
I didn't have a sophisticated enough DNS setup to assign public/private
hostnames which StarCluster relies on. I was able to get around that
limitation via some hacker-wizardry but it wasn't pretty. If I had a
better dynamic DNS setup for public/private hostnames things would have

Anyway, I believe Eucalyptus is what the Ubuntu public cloud is using.
Here are the settings that I used in the [aws info] section to connect
to Eucalyptus:

aws_access_key_id = ACCESS_KEY_HERE
aws_secret_access_key = SECRET_ACCESS_KEY
aws_user_id = USER_ID_HERE

I would imagine these settings (ie aws_ec2/s3_path, etc) will work for
the Ubuntu cloud as well but you definitely need to check their docs.
Obviously you'll also need the relevant settings for your Ubuntu public
cloud account.

Also, you'll need to upload the StarCluster AMI onto the public Ubuntu
cloud. You can download an ISO of the old 9.04 image from the website
that should work:

After downloading the iso you should be able to upload the image to
Eucalyptus using the the euca-bundle-image command from the eucatools

Hope that helps. I'm interested to hear if this works...keep us posted.


On 09/24/2010 08:25 AM, Joachim Van den Bogaert wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Ubuntu seems to have an ubuntu cloud distribution:
> The page claims that the API is exactly the same as Amazonís EC2 API.
> Has anyone ever tried to use StarCluster with Ubuntu cloud?
> Is it possible at all, or does the starcluster python code require heavy
> modification?
> Greetz,
> Joachim
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