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[Starcluster] Bug VolumeCreator _request_instance

From: Joachim Van den Bogaert <no email>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 23:54:03 +0200

Hi Justin,


I tried to create a volume with the following command:


joachim_at_tm1:~$ starcluster createvolume 100 eu-west-1b --image-id


>>> Using keypair sge

>>> Requesting host instance in zone eu-west-1b to attach volume to...

>>> Creating security group _at_sc-volumecreator...

>>> No instance in group _at_sc-volumecreator for zone eu-west-1b, launching
one now. - ERROR - exception thrown: EC2ResponseError: 400 Bad Request

<?xml version="1.0"?>





      <Message>The requested instance type's architecture (i386) does not
match the architecture in the manifest for ami-6be5cf1f (x86_64)</Message>






I was looking for an architecture parameter, but I couldn't find one


( line 32 - 56)


def _request_instance(self, zone):

        for i in self.security_group.instances():

            if i.state in ['pending','running'] and i.placement == zone:

      "Using existing instance %s in group %s" % \


                self._instance = Node(i, self._key_location, 'vol_host')


        if not self._instance:

  "No instance in group %s for zone %s, launching one
now." % \

                     (, zone))

            self._resv = self._ec2.run_instances(image_id=self._image_id,


                min_count=1, max_count=1,




            instance = self._resv.instances[0]

            self._instance = Node(instance, self._key_location, 'vol_host')

        s = Spinner()"Waiting for instance %s to come up..." %


        while not self._instance.is_up():



        return self._instance


Apparently the code in line 43




throws an error if you try to create a volume with a 64-bit StarCluster AMI,
since you can't launch an m1.small with 64 bit images.


I am in the eu zone, so I can't use the AMI defined in

With the 64-bit image I use instead, an extra parameter could prevent this


After I changed the line into




the volume was created successfully.




Kind regards,




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