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[Starcluster] Getting involved in Dev

From: Rajat Banerjee <no email>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2010 15:07:06 -0400

Hi there,
I am interested in getting involved in starcluster development. I am a grad
student in comp sci at Harvard. I actually met you, Justin, in my CS 262
(Distributed Systems) class with Jim Waldo when you came to visit.

I used starcluster in the process of building a large distributed system for
my semester project and found it exceptionally streamlined and stable. Prior
to coming to Harvard, I was a senior software engineer at LogMeIn, and have
about 7 years of software engineering experience.

The project that sounds especially interesting to me is *Dynamic Load
Balancing. I'm not particular though and could work on another feature if
needed. I have the summer to work on it and don't need any resources. If
this would be useful to you and in line with project plans, please let me


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