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From: Mark J. Pearrow <no email>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 09:30:38 -0500

Hi all,

Sorry for all the spam in one day. Here's what I have discovered wrt creating new AMIs based on the starcluster AMI.

1) Launch an instance of the starcluster AMI
2) run and ostensibly generate an exact copy of the original AMI
3) verify that the new AMI exists and is in a new S3 bucket
4) shut down the original instance
5) launch a new instance based on the "new" AMI
6) Observe that the starcluster -s script take a reaaaaaaaaly long time to start up
7) Log in to instance and observe that SGE is not running

I originally thought it might have to do with the sun-java-sdk upgrades but it seems that even a default, stock AMI, when copied, malfunctions.

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