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Question about star cluster AMIs

From: Avner May <no email>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 13:04:48 -0500

Hi all,

I'm a new star cluster user, and a new member to this list. Not sure what
the etiquette is for emailing the list.

I have the following question: When I perform "starcluster listpublic", I
see a list of AMI's (see command output below). However, I have no idea
how each of these AMIs is configured. For example, I need GPU support for
my work, so I would like my AMI to have CUDA pre-installed, and for it to
support being launched with the AWS GPU instances (eg, "g2.2xlarge").
Where can I get detailed information about each of these AMI's??

Thanks so much,

C:\Windows\system32>starcluster listpublic
StarCluster - ( (v. 0.95.6)
Software Tools for Academics and Researchers (STAR)
Please submit bug reports to

>>> Listing all public StarCluster images...

32bit Images:
[0] ami-9bf9c9f2 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-13.04-x86 (EBS)
[1] ami-7c5c3915 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-12.04-x86 (EBS)
[2] ami-899d49e0 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-11.10-x86 (EBS)
[3] ami-8cf913e5 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-10.04-x86-rc3
[4] ami-d1c42db8 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-9.10-x86-rc8

64bit Images:
[0] ami-3393a45a us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-13.04-x86_64 (EBS)
[1] ami-6b211202 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-13.04-x86_64-hvm
[2] ami-52a0c53b us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-12.04-x86_64-hvm
[3] ami-765b3e1f us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-12.04-x86_64 (EBS)
[4] ami-4583572c us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-11.10-x86_64-hvm
[5] ami-999d49f0 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-11.10-x86_64 (EBS)
[6] ami-0af31963 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-10.04-x86_64-rc1
[7] ami-2faa7346 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-10.04-x86_64-qiime-1.4.0
[8] ami-8852a0e1 us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-10.04-x86_64-hadoop
[9] ami-a5c42dcc us-east-1 starcluster-base-ubuntu-9.10-x86_64-rc4
[10] ami-06a75a6f us-east-1
starcluster-base-centos-5.4-x86_64-ebs-hvm-gpu-hadoop-rc2 (HVM-EBS)
[11] ami-12b6477b us-east-1
starcluster-base-centos-5.4-x86_64-ebs-hvm-gpu-rc2 (HVM-EBS)

total images: 17
Received on Thu Jan 22 2015 - 13:05:11 EST
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