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Re: Despite passing -b flag, starcluster starts an on-demand instance

From: Peter Wilcock <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2015 14:51:17 +0000
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Hi Arman,

I believe to make the master node spot you require another flag, -force-spot-master.

I believe this isn't in the official documentation however and I'd recommend its inclusion to anyone reading!



On 10 January 2015 14:15:09 GMT+00:00, Arman Eshaghi <> wrote:
>Dear all,
>Whenever I try to start a one-node cluster with the following command,
>while I'm passing -b option with a spot bid, starcluster starts an
>on-demand instance. The command is for
>starcluster start -s 1 -i c3.large -b 0.5 -l mycluster
>As far as I know, command line options will supersede other
>(.starcluster), is this right? I would appreciate any pointers here.
>All the best,
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