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From: Amanda Joy Kedaigle <no email>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 20:44:56 +0000


Starcluster and AWS newbie - thank you for your help so far!

I have a cluster successfully running, but now I would like multiple users to be able to access this cluster and submit jobs, look at data, etc. I looked in the email archives but was confused by the myriad ways there appears to be to set this up. Can someone recommend some best practices?

I work in an academic lab. Ideally, lab members would be able to

1. start and stop the cluster on their own, so that the cluster does not have to be running at all times. I imagine this would involve sharing an identical starcluster config file, but everyone would have their own unique key (.pem file)?

2.Then, they would be able to ssh into the cluster via their unique username, so that submitted jobs and stored data could be identified by user. That way, if someone starts taking up too much space or their jobs get stalled, we know who to tell about it.

How should I set up these user accounts - starcluster plugin, AWS IAM, using adduser on the cluster itself, or some combination?

Thank you for your help!
Amanda Kedaigle
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