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Simple Web interface for StarCluster

From: Sergio Mafra <no email>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 08:31:05 -0300

Hi fellows,

We use StarCluster for managing our clusters for running eletrical
engineering purporses. The engineers want to deploy the clusters in AWS by
themselves and we think that letting them access the StarCluster line
interface and modifying the config file for expandig/reducing the number of
nodes in a cluster could be dangerous and not so intuitive.
So, we decided to build a very simple web interface using Apache and PHP
aiming to read the config file, expose the clusters and letting them
increase or decrease the number of nodes among limits and starting or
terminating the cluster with the new parameters.
We are not expert in PHP and could be not the best tool, but it´s proven to
be a quick development. We will study other options like Python and Django
in the near future.
The question is: how to execute a command like "starcluster start -c
cluster_template cluster_name in PHP? We are trying to use a command like
$output = shell_exec($shellCommand);where $shellCommand is "starcluster
start -c ..." but it doesn´t run like expected. Any ideas?

All best,

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