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StarCluster deserves a GUI interface

From: Sergio Mafra <no email>
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 10:28:43 -0300

Hey fellows,

After working with StarCluster for two years and being a witness of the
mature of the tool, I think that it is time for one GUI that should help
non-IT professionals to work with it.
At time ago, Justin point me to this work ( that could help us to dela
with that. It is a kind of obsolete but a good start. I´ve tried to compile
that but no lucky.
A few months ago, somebody show us here the Science VM initiative ( that will deal with a lot of Github projects,
included StatCluster and there is a dashboard using Django.
I´d like to know if someone is working with this and like to share the work
among non-programmers like me.

All best,

Sergio Mafra
Received on Sat Apr 19 2014 - 09:28:46 EDT
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