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Using MIT StarCluster on VPC

From: Sergio Mafra <no email>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 16:34:41 -0300

Hi all,

IŽm testing MIT Starcluster running on a VPC composed by a Public subnet
and a Private Subnet. This last one is connect to my data center over VPN,
using a Virtual Gateway from AWS.
The plan is to launch the cluster on the private subnet, allowing the users
to connect to it using our range of private ips.
The change in the config file was to add the following lines in the cluster
template itself:

[cluster mycluster]
availability_zone = us-east-1d
vpc_id = vpc-xxxxxx
subnet_id = subnet-xxxxx
public_ips = False

Since weŽd like to assign to each master, a specific private ip, IŽd like
to know if this can be done in StarCluster or by CLI commands. so my users
can always connect in their machines using the same procedure.

All best,

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