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Re: Error installing StarCluster 0.95.2 on Windows 7

From: Jacob Barhak <no email>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2014 15:48:34 -0500

Hi Sergio,

You have a similar issue to the one I had. If you try the Anaconda python distribution this issue seems to disappear - at least for me for version 0.95.

The bad side of this is that you may need to reinstall your Python base. The Good side is that you get all sorts of perks such as many scientific libraries installed and have other nice abilities for free.

I suggested that starcluster should also have a conda install option - yet there seems to be little demand currently. Perhaps this will change.

I hope this works for you.


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On Mar 12, 2014, at 3:29 PM, Sergio Mafra <> wrote:

> Hi fellows,
> Tried to install MIT StarCluster on my Windows 7 Professional notebook and got this error:
> C:>easy_install StarCluster
> Searching for StarCluster
> Best match: starcluster 0.95.2
> Processing starcluster-0.95.2-py2.7.egg
> starcluster 0.95.2 is already the active version in easy-install.pth
> Installing script to C:\Python27\Scripts
> Installing starcluster.exe script to C:\Python27\Scripts
> Installing starcluster.exe.manifest script to C:\Python27\Scripts
> Using c:\python27\lib\site-packages\starcluster-0.95.2-py2.7.egg
> Processing dependencies for StarCluster
> Searching for pycrypto>=2.5
> Reading
> Best match: pycrypto 2.6.1
> Downloading
> r.gz#md5=55a61a054aa66812daf5161a0d5d7eda
> Processing pycrypto-2.6.1.tar.gz
> Running pycrypto-2.6.1\ -q bdist_egg --dist-dir c:\users\smafra1.ons\app
> data\local\temp\easy_install-sgrfjz\pycrypto-2.6.1\egg-dist-tmp-ftg5hk
> warning: GMP or MPIR library not found; Not building Crypto.PublicKey._fastmath.
> error: Setup script exited with error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat
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