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Re: SGE priorities and job dependency

From: Jacob Barhak <no email>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 03:13:19 -0500

Thanks Adam, for trying to help,

The option you pointed to was already used to define the dependency. Yet
what I was trying to do is a bit more complicated than that and had to do
with the job priority and the dependency.

In any case, the issue was resolved with the help of Lyn.

Here is a link to the resolution:

Never the less, thanks for your response.


On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 8:45 PM, Adam <> wrote:

> Hi Jacob,
> Check out the -hold_jid option to qsub. This should do exactly what you
> need.
> Best Regards,
> Adam
> On Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 3:19 AM, Jacob Barhak <>wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Does someone have experience with the SGE scheduler that comes with
>> StarCluster? Experienced enough to figure out how make a dependent job
>> launch before other jobs once its dependencies are gone?
>> I have been trying to give the dependent job a high priority, yet it
>> seems the scheduler ignores this and launches the jobs in FIFO order.
>> Here is a simplified description of my problem. Lets say I have 100k
>> jobs. The first 50k are generating files in a shared directory and the last
>> 50k are processing those files and deleting them.
>> Jobs 1-50000 are independent while job 50001 is dependent on job 50000
>> and job 50000+n is dependent on job n.
>> I tried lowering the priority of the first 50k jobs using qsub -p -100. I
>> was hoping to get the effect of job 1 completing and since job 50001
>> dependency was satisfied and has the highest priority then it would be
>> launched next. The idea is to perform cleanup of the file after each job -
>> otherwise too many files can accumulate in a shared directory and may slow
>> down the NFS I/O significantly - not to mention disk space.
>> However, I cannot get this behavior from SGE on a single test machine
>> outside StarCluster. So I assume this needs some special configuration.
>> I am trying to avoid the I/O bottleneck I experienced on the cloud due to
>> too many files in a shared directory.
>> Can someone help with this without changing the order if the jobs when
>> being launched?
>> I hope there is a simple one line / qsub option for this.
>> Jacob
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