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Adding nodes to a cluster takes a long time

From: Ville Turunen <no email>
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2013 15:58:13 +0300

Hi all,

I've noticed that it takes a fairly long time to add nodes to an
existing cluster. Starting a new cluster is a lot faster.

For example, starting a new cluster of 50 nodes using

starcluster start -c mediumcluster -b 0.02 -s 50 mycluster

we get:
>>> Configuring cluster took 1.445 mins
>>> Starting cluster took 8.749 mins

which is reasonable. But adding another 50 nodes to the cluster with

starcluster addnode -b 0.02 -n 50 -I m1.medium mycluster

takes over 45 minutes. I'm using StarCluster 0.94.

I would need to add hundreds of nodes at a time, and at this rate the
start up times quickly become too much for our purposes.

Is there any way to speed up adding nodes?

best regards,
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