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Re: Error when running starcluster addnode

From: Robert Chase <no email>
Date: Mon, 6 May 2013 18:26:32 -0400

Hello Justin,

It looks like the alias property method within uses the
ami_launch_index to assign the name and alias of a node. The
ami_launch_index is assigned by the server when a reservation is made.
Since I have been asking for instances one at a time when I run add
node, the ami_launch_index is always zero. There is code that checks a
file for the appropriate name and spits out the index-th name. Master
is the zero-th name in that list. So all the nodes come out as master

When I try to reserve four instances using -n 4, the alias method
checks the list (which only has two elements, master and node001) and
runs into an error "invalid aliases file in user_data" because there
are only two elements in the file's list not four.

One thought would be to increase the size of the list and to somehow
find another way of assigning the names other than the

I have not checked, but I don't think this error would only occur in
the eucalyptus mod of starcluster. Have others encountered this
problem as well?

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