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Re: Parallel environment allocation rule

From: Dustin Machi <no email>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2013 07:29:51 -0500

If you name you parallel environment something besides ORTE, it won't
get blown away when new nodes are added/removed. I usually create one
called "amp" and I change the slots for that PE to be "999". It will
then fill the nodes up with jobs up to each individual nodes number of
slots (cpus). I'm sure this could be done as a plugin, but it isn't
there now as far as I'm aware. My cluster is long running, so to date
we've just updated the qconf when we launch a new cluster.


On 15 Feb 2013, at 3:31, Ed Morris wrote:

> How do I make the allocation rule of the parallel environment
> automatically
> be set to $fill_up rather than the default $round_robin?
> When I set up a cluster, I manually edit the configuration using qconf
> -mp
> orte, than then change the file myself.
> However, when adding or removing nodes, the ORTE configuration gets
> overwritten to the default again.
> Would there be a way of using a plugin to do this automatically?
> Ed.
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