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Re: Local / cluster folder bi-directional synchronization

From: Olivier Grisel <no email>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 00:39:22 +0100

2013/1/20 MacMullan, Hugh <>:
> Hi Olivier:
> I've had good success with Dropbox, either using a custom AMI with the package already installed, or having it available in a StarCluster mounted volume, and then doing a 'dropbox start' as the first line of any script, or the first script run on cluster start. Trick is to use an ElasticIP for master, and you also have to register once ( per IP/user combination) ... Assuming you're also using the same homedir mounted from an EBS volume.
> Lot of requirements, so would be a tricky plugin to write. But I'm generally working with custom AMIs anyway so it's not a stretch for our usage.
> Good luck if you proceed with unison! I'll play with it if you come up with something, for sure.

Indeed I was also think about using dropbox but the registration stuff
is annoying too much to make it a generic plugin.

An Elastic IP address plugin for StarCluster would be nifty though,
for instance to get a fix URL for your IPython notebook sessions.

Olivier -
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